2009-03-06 The latest news from Moscow

This is what has happened so far. I arrived on Jan 5th and hit the ground running. I spoke at several AA groups in the Moscow area. The main focus was to explain the 12 Traditions of AA and the Spiritual principle behind them. This went very well although the group there was very small(10). I left for Ukraine on the 30th of Jan. This was the main reson for my being here this time. I got off another night train in Kiev and spent the next week going from one rehab or lecture to another . This went better then I could have planed. We have recieved request to teach counseling at no less then 6 centers scattered through Ukraine. The three centers in Kiev include two Universities, one own by the Seventh Day Adventist and one owned by Ukrainian Gov. and a social center owned by the Ukrainian Gov. I will submit the outline of our course to each of these before the 11th of March. In Donetsk we had another grand adventure. We were asked to come there by some one that attended one of my lectures in Kiev. The man that asked me to speak with him was involved in a rehab center just getting off the ground. He wanted us to become partners and teach at the center. While in Donetsk I attended an AA meeting and to my enjoyment, I was not the center of attention. We spent 2 days there and then another night trian that began the trip from H@#@! We went to a small town called Melatopa. We had been invited by a Russian Orthodox Church to speak to the founder of a monastery that worked with addiction. Some fo the people there knew about the 12 Steps and were members of AA. The founder, Father Boris is not a regular Priest. He is very "out of the Box". This is at the moment my strongest call. We spent only a few hours there and then back on the night  train to Kiev to hopefully pick up a new Russian passport. That went fine and we spoke at an AA meeting or maybe NA, It alls runs together when you have no sleep, then back on a night train to Harkov. There we spoke at an AA meeting started by a friend from Az, Mike H. He had asked that I go by and try to help 2 people there with their problems with a "Higher Power". I then spoke to a member of AA that is also a doctor and runs a Norcological clinic. He wants us to teach there at that center that is owned by the Ukrainian Gov. There are two more centers that I have yet to visit. One in Odessa and one in another city that I dont know the name of.Nuria would like very much to live by the sea and Odessa is on the Black Sea. Neither one of us have seen the town or this center but that is on the schedule in April.