2009-07-16 Where we stand now 7/16/09

Well, we have had a great adventure so far this year. As of today I am living in Chandler Arizona. I was forced to return the states due to a lack of funding. I have work still to do in Ukraine and staff in Ukraine but no money to operate the URR School of Counseling. Our plans were and still are the following: come to the states and find a place to live, buy a car and get a job. Then I would start worring about Russia/Ukraine.

Currently I live in and manage a sober living house for an old friend in Chandler. I bought a used but very nice Volvo from another old friend. I work at a great rehab in Scottsdale that is way "out of the Box" like me. Now the work starts to return to Russia/Ukraine.

Donations are down world wide for charities and missionary and work. It seems that when people are worried about paying their morgage they are less likely to give money to help a drug addict on the other side of the world. URR is esablished with the IRS as a tax exempt organization. I am working with a CPA on our 501 C3 .I sent an email to Pres. Obama asking our goverment to get involved with URR(bad move???) We are still translating our teaching materials into Russian. Our staff have had to find jobs in Russia and Ukraine but they are waiting for the school to begin operations.