2009-07-16 Facts about Addiction in the FSU

In the last few years some startling things about our world have come to my attention. The sorces of this information varies from the World Health Organization to Ukrainian Doctors to Pastors and Social Workers in both Russia and Ukraine. Some of the information is not agreed to by any official government sorce as the facts do not reflect well on the goverments ability to serve the "Least Of These". In Ukraine and Russia an alcoholic is not officially counted unless the alcoholic regesters with the government. That regestration follows the alcoholic to every job or even their housing possiblities for the rest of thier lives. Therefore few will ever regester and this causes the government numbers to be artificially low.

The USA has a population of 300 million.

10% of the population of the USA is alcoholic , 30 million

60% of the population in Russia is alcoholic.

Russia has a population of 130 million yet they are the the worlds largest consumer of alcohol and heroin .

50% of the death in Russia are alcohol related.

There are 800,000 orphans in Russia. 10% commit suicide. That is 80,000 children that will kill them selves.

Only 10% of the orphans in Russia have lost both parents. Many are just abandoned on the subway by their mothers who tells them "just wait right here" and then gets of the subway at the next stop and walks away.

Only 20% of the orphans in Russia survive to adulthood. Survival of an orphan in Russia according to their own goverment means they live to 18 without going to prison, becoming a prostitute or drug addict.


85% of the population of Ukraine are alcoholic. 

Ukraine has a population of 48 million, 40 million are alcoholic yet there are only 37 rehabs in the entire country. Ukraine has the largest percentage of addiction with the smallest amount of recovery services available per addict. This makes the country of Ukraine THE WORST PLACE ON EARTH to be alcoholic.(Sorce: Ukrainian Doctor in Kiev, Ukraine.)