2009-08-28 The Next move for URR 8/28/09

Today makes 22 years since I had my last drink. From that day until today I have been on a path to clean up my behavior, serve God and help my fellow man. In the last 5 days some very strange things have happened. Sunday a friend walked up and asked me if they could help our cause by giving a little funding to URR. On Monday I was told by my employer that I would not be able to work as there were not enough patients at the rehab where I work to justify keeping my employment. Layedoff until ??? Tuesday I received an email from the Monastery in Melitopal, Ukraine asking me to please return soon as the need is great but the workers are few. Wednesday I met with our possible doner and explained the need and how people can help. Thursday I had the idea of asking friends on Facebook to help with funding. At this moment I am trying to return to Moscow in early December and start teaching in Ukraine in January. I need your help.  A donation of as little as $5. will do a great deal of good.