2010-04-10 Latest News From Moscow

Much good news for recovery in Russia/Ukraine. School started in Melitolpol, Ukraine December 17, 2009. We had 25 students start the training to become alcohol and drug counselors. The classes were held at the monestary,"Savva The Savior", in Melitopol, Ukraine. We taught for 2 weeks and then off for the holidays then 2 more weeks in January. Also during the time I was in Melitopol we started a "Union of Rehabs". This is an organization of rehabs in the country of Ukraine that use the "12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous". A group of rehabs will always have a much louder voice in Kiev then each of us alone. There is no job discription that is accepted with the Government of Ukraine that allows alcohol and drug counselors to pay into the pention system. Therefore there is no future for some one to go into the treatment field.