2011-03-08 2011

We are getting close to our first Graduation. There are only two class sessions left before our first group of students will have enough hours of education to take their exams. We are in the process of going over the test questions now with the finale exam scheduled for some time this spring or summer. At the moment I am still in the States due to a lack of funding. I am trying to return to Ukraine in April. The are also two new doors that are opening for URR. The first is a plan to open a Half-Way House for Women to be located iin Melitopol. Our research shows that there are no treatment facilities that are just for women. What we would like to offer is not just for addicts/alcoholics but for all women that suffer from the effects of addiction. This would include family members and also women who suffer from Eating Disorders.

The second door that has opened is a small private counseling practice in Melitopol. This is focused on treating Co-Dependents and the children of Dis-Functional families. We are working hard with the children to help them to not fall into the patterns of addictive behavior.

All of this is dependant on the Grace of a Loving Creator that Guides the Stars and keeps us out of Bars. More Later...