Now that some dust has settled here, I have some time to spend on the website and I will try to keep you all informed on what is happening here in the Former Solviet Union(FSU). I am just a few days from returning to the States. Many doors have been opened here and now God will show me which door to walk through first.

A little about Sober Russia first. We are orginized under the name Ukrainian Recovery Resources (URR).What we are trying to do is to bring the same level of Addiction Counlseling to the FSU as is common in the States. We are teaching the 12 Core Funtions of Alcohol and Drug Counseling. We are 12 Steped based and although we have a strong Christian foundation we work with religious and secular organizations. We are a non-profit  organization with a very small budget. The only full time paid employee is my assistant and co-minister,Nuria Kostina. She is a trained counselor and former student of OPORA, a program I was once the director of here in Moscow(06-07). She has two educations, English and Counseling. She has been in ministry for many years.She is the breath to my words as my Russian is very not very good. As for me, I am Ottis W."Chip" Taylor. I have been in recovery from alcohol and drugs for almost 22 years(8/28/87). For over 20 years I have worked in the field of substance abuse. I have worked for two of the most well known Rehabs in the States, WillingWay Hospital in Statesboro, Ga. and New Horizons in Ft. Pierce, Fla. I was Ordained as a Minister in the Baptist Church on April 10, 2005 and I have been working with addiction here in the FSU for 3 years. I have over 30 years in buisness and have run multi-million dollar budgets for very large steel fabricators in Az and Calf so I know how to handle other peoples money.