01-06-2009  Chip Arrives in Moscow

As of the moment I am to leave Moscow on March 11th and return to the States. I will be in the Statesboro area for a few days until I leave for the wedding of my youngest daughter down in Fla on the 21th. From there I am to go to Az. and be there on the 29th when an old friend, Lisa M. picks up her one year chip. Then back to Ga. for a day or two and back to Moscow. We are to be in Kiev to work out details of our school by the second week in April. I am also to meet with the head of the Russian Orthodox of the area. Father Boris ask me to do this for him as this may open all the doors of that church through out the country. Then down to Odessa to see what that area offers. We have a plan to be teaching by Sept. we are not sure where first and for how long.


The schedule for 2010 will be worked out in the next few weeks. The near future will consist of the following. I will be in Moscow Dec. 3, 2009 until Feb. 2010.  Time will be spent in Ukraine if possible. This will be determined in the near future.